I am grateful to Classic FM for leading the fundraising campaign. Click here to donate through their web-site. You can also donate by dropping a few pounds into our collection tins when I am playing on the BeethoVAN, at venues, and when I stop en-route.

Charities I am supporting

I constantly seek to better both my musical and sporting performances. I also want to set an example to others, to capture the imagination of children and inspire them to excel beyond what they thought possible.

I also try not to take it for granted that I can play the piano, run, swim, ride my bike, ski, and travel across the world unhindered. Many others are less fortunate and I would like to help empower them to lead a normal life and participate in activities which I am fortunate to enjoy on a daily basis.

My fund-raising target is 20K. I have chosen some of my favourite charities who support a combination of music, sport, children, and people with disability.

Please help me to help them by making a donation here on the Classic FM web-site.

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